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Safe and efficient Cash Handling.

By further automating parts of the money process, we make sure you can stay focueds on the business. Smart solutions reduce risks and save a lot of time.

CCi gives you a lot of intelligence, saving you a lot of time and reduces risks every day. When a banknote has been deposited it is checked, counted and saved. Direct deposit at the bank or thrue CiT is possible as well as pre-credit.

SmartTill is a completely new approach to cash transactions. The smart cash drawer continuously weighs the contents. After each transaction, the cash balance again weighs and checks, for example, if a correct amount of change has been taken out of the drawer. Discrepancies are reported immediately, so it can be taken immediately in suspicious situations. Exceptions such as returns, fees, etc. may also be handled.

A closed box system like a frontoffice recycler not only safer, it creates a higher transaction rate, it prevents errors and the risk of fraud is nil. In an environment where food is processed, a closed system contributes to hygiene.

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