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These websites are part of the company Moneytronic and meet customer requirements for fast, clear and secure purchases.

About us

Moneytronic makes cash flow for businesses secure and efficient. We work globally and are the largest provider of money scale systems in the Benelux.

For companies we are the specialist in cash management products and we operate in different industries, the main industries are: retail, fast food, supermarkets, leisure, nonprofit and business services. Typical of the services of Moneytronic is the personal approach and tailored solutions in multiple industries.

Mission & Purpose

Moneytronic works in a constantly changing market. Customers expect and demand high quality products. Because of internet the market is growing, there is more competition from low cost producing countries and technological developments are moving fast. These changes put Moneytronic for a challenge. Because of Moneytronics long experience and solid network we can meet these challenges. Moneytronic has formulated a vision, a direction they follow as a professional company.

Mission statement
Making all kind of money transfers efficiently and safely at European level.

Developing, manufacturing and sales of technical systems, that support employees in safety and efficienciy regarding cash handling.

Core values

Customer focus
We do as we promise. We work with customers to perfect cash management solution, the customer's needs are always central in our solutions.

We work with an unprecedented passion to always look for the right cash management solution for the customer.

Through our years of experience with cash handling in various industries, we have a great know-how. We know what is happening in various industries and have the appropriate knowledge and expertise to advise each customer about cash handling.

Moneytronic combines its knowledge and experience in a creative way to work with the client to work on smart solutions. Every day we converted market demands into new, better and more efficient products.


Moneytronic was founded by Jordi de Weerd, he began selling Money scales systems in 1991. Jordi de Weerd started to work with the company "Business to Business'', which became ‘Moneytronic Netherlands’ in 1999, back then the focus was on the supermarket branches. We can now proudly say that all major supermarket chains have been working with Moneytronic money scales systems for years. Throughout the years we developed all different kind of products for different markets. Therefore Moneytronic Netherlands is now successful in several industries including retail, hospitality, fast food, retail, nonprofit organization, government and leisure industries.